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 The Rabbit Hill Collection

Our Rabbit Hill Collection

Sauvignon Blanc offers the crisp flavors of zesty lime, green apples, and fresh peaches. As is typical of Sauvignon Blanc, it has slightly higher acidity with full-flavored mineral and grapefruit notes. These complex combinations create a pleasant feel and aroma perfect for sipping with light summer fare including fresh garden salads and creamy cheeses such as brie.

 Rosé is produced from Texas High Plains Mourvèdre grapes. It is fresh on the palate with light acidity and primary flavors of strawberry, citrus, and melon. The Mourvèdre grape produces a slightly deeper rosé, which makes for a beautiful glass and excellent table presentation.


 Chardonnay, moderately oaked, is a mellow white wine with flavors of apple and pear and a lightly buttered finish. Its fuller body provides a pleasant feel across the entire palate. Chardonnay is our favorite with grilled fish, fettuccine, and semi-soft cheeses of all kinds.

Our No Rules Ranch Collection

 Cabernet Sauvignon (2017), offers a mellow taste with deep color and an inviting nose from vanilla and chocolate tones. Through the mid-palate, these flavors complement blackberry and cherry characteristics. The wine’s silky tannins produce a perfect finish. The 2017 vintage is blended at our winery from Texas High Plains Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, with touches of Malbec and Merlot grapes added for smoothness and flavor. The wine's full-bodied character makes it a perfect match with the finest red meats and traditional Southern Italian dishes as well.

 Malbec (2017), characterized by its magenta hue, is a medium-bodied wine. It portrays a wide variety of flavors with slightly softer tannins. These characteristics produce a versatile wine with tastes of plum and blueberry along with raisins and molasses. Its lightly fruited finish offers compatibility with pork, lamb, duck, and fish entrees such as salmon.

Media Noche is a full-bodied blend of Henly Vineyards’ Lenoir (Black Spanish) grapes and Texas High Plains Malbec and Merlot. Its heavier black cherry and plum tones make Media Noche a prefect after dinner wine or, for those who enjoy a hardy red with meals, an excellent pairing with many Hispanic, South American and traditional Southern Italian dishes.

Medio Dia is 100% estate grown in our Madrona and Live Oak Vineyards west of Dripping Springs. Removed from the grape skins three days after harvest, Medio Dia is a softer red wine served chilled for afternoon sipping with stronger cheeses such as Roquefort or at room temperature with smoked salmon. At room temperature, it is an excellent fall cooking wine, i.e., it sips well while preparing holiday favorites.

 Lenoir Reserve (2016) is a Henly Vineyards estate grown wine. The Lenoir grape was brought to Texas by the Spanish padres who established missions in the Southwest. Wine from this grape is old world in character and taste. It is a full-bodied offering with a terroir taste of black cherry and chocolate. The wine is produced with full tannins from extended grape skin

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