Our two new wine offerings, a  Sauvignon  Blanc and a Rose', both featuring Texas grapes, have been well received and sell for $15 each.  To experience these wonderful summer wines call for curbside pickup service. 

March 31 marked the first anniversary of the official opening of the Henly Vineyards Winery.  Covin-19 limited this year's festivities to Sam, Beverly and Belle. The third anniversary celebration is planned for  late March, 2021.  Details coming in winter 2021.

Quarantine at No Rules Ranch has not been too bad. The vegetable garden is planted.  Peas, onions and carrots have graced our table, potatoes will be harvested in late May and the  tomato crop is promising.  Infrastructure projects abound, and the weather has been good. 

FYI: Rabbit Hill Chardonnay is featured at West Henly Boil Shack and No Rules Ranch Cabernet is available at Arc de Texas.  

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