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Good news about Completed projects:
New grill and smokehouse
Expanded areas for groups to gather
Bathroom at the Garden House


THE ECLIPSE: April 8, 2024

Keeping with our philosophy of exclusivity, admittance for this event will be limited .  Inner circle viewers will be limited to approximately 200 and center circle viewers to 300. Eclipse details (along with a source link) are as follows: 

Start time: 12:16:24

Start time of totality: 13:34:27

Duration of totality: 3:22  

Altitude and azimuth respectively, of the sun : 67 degrees , 181 degrees

( source is

Reservations are on a first come basis and require a non refundable payment in full at the time of booking. 

Inner circle $200/PERSON (price includes water, iso glasses, plumbed bathroom access, choice seating locations, a chair, property access until 4:00 pm  and early admission time)

Center circle $125/PERSON (price includes water, iso glasses, and porta potty access) Admission at 11:30 am , depart by 3:30 pm.

Please NOTE Dos and Don'ts to follow later.  



Premium Venue reservations: 

Our beautiful views suggest a picnic or just relaxing with friends in an exclusive setting.  Visitors are welcome to bring their own food and beverages to enjoy with exclusive use of one of our spectacular venues.  Larger groups may want to cook using the new smoke house grill. Well behaved dogs and children are welcome.   

Please email (beverlyhadaway@gmail.comfor venue reservations, tours, etc. 

A deposit  is required prior to reservation confirmation.


Venues ( 2 hour seatings):

Upstairs veranda - suitable for up to ten people, inside and outside seating

   ( $150).

Garden House- suitable for 2-6, outside seating only ($100).

Madrone Vineyard Patio- suitable for 2-6,  outside seating only ($50).

Pond Patio- suitable for up to eight people, outside seating only ( $100).

Smoke House Area  and the  Patio are ideal for corporate, organizations or larger family outings.   ($250)




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